Real Estate Collective

A different approach to Real Estate

Real Estate Collective is a boutique real estate brokerage helping you navigate the process of buying and selling property.


Claire Lissone Broker/owner

Unlike so many people in real estate, I came to this field via a passion for architecture and design. In the course of my 15+ year career in this field, I have also discovered that passion is only superseded by my love for working with people. My clients are more than buyers/sellers and my agents are more than numbers on the bottom line. We are part of a collective, building a city we’re all proud of.

I started Real Estate Collective in West Adams with two goals: I wanted to break with the tired cliche of the smarmy, pushy, ostentatious LA real estate brokerage. We operate RECO out of warmth, honesty, and integrity. That reputation is more important to me than any number in a ledger.

The second goal was to build something beautiful. We love Los Angeles and are inspired by it’s multi-faceted beauty. When we help people into homes or properties they can afford, it leaves room for growth and beautification. If we can leave LA a little better than we found it, that’s something our entire collective can be proud of.


tel: 310.689.968