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Mia Arias Kim | Agent & Notary

From a very young age, Mia’s family encouraged her to choose real estate as a career path because she enjoys home remodeling and decorating and always loved to help people. It wasn’t until Mia, her husband and young son started looking for their own home when she truly understood just how difficult the home buying process can be, and how important a good real estate agent is to the transaction.

When Mia and her family purchased their home through a probate short sale, Mia got involved with the transaction.  It was a complicated deal, and the more she learned, the more she became interested in the process.  It was a fascinating albeit nerve-wracking journey that revealed a new take on her family’s original advice, and inspired her to pursue real estate as a career. 

The desire to provide great service by walking the client through each step of the process has made Mia the best kind of agent – one who enjoys helping clients reach their goals, believing that searching for their dream home should be an exciting and even joyful experience. If disappointments and problems occur, she’s there to support and troubleshoot. That same giving spirit extends to her volunteer work with Reading To Kids and the yearly Operation Santa

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mia loves the beauty and diversity our city has to offer. She’s active with the Mid-City Heights Neighborhood Coalition and is currently working on revitalizing the West Adams Gateway Arts District. In her spare time, she enjoys some of LA’s best offerings – like Indy Films, Museums and ethnic food. 

A Certified HOA Manager, Agent and Notary Public, Mia is an experienced property manager & construction management.  She joined the Real Estate Collective team in 2016.



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